Last week I took advantage of the wonderful

summer-like weather and headed down to the Acadia Beach, the Spanish Banks side of Vancouver’s nude beach. While Spanish Banks is fabric, Acadia Beach is formally signed as clothing- milfs on the beach . I’d normally go some space along Acadia Beach to strip off, but it looked to me like I had the beach to myself so I took off my clothing just past the sign and sat down nude on a log to read my book.

About 20 minutes after, a young man and woman in their own late adolescents carrying a back pack came out of the beach trail within feet of where I was sitting. I’ve learned earlier from nude hiking that when you’re bare and encounter clothed men, the best plan of action is to act as if nudity is the most natural thing in the world (which it truly is!)

It appears they’d not been down to the nude beach before, and thought they were at the more well known Wreck Beach end.

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They had passed the “Seashore Ahead is Clothing Discretionary” indication and approached me to inquire where the nude beach began. I pointed out that I was bare if that was any help, and that statement of the “just apparent” resulted in .

They sat down on the log with me and asked me lots of questions about the shore, if it was actually legal to be naked outside on a public beach, how many individuals were likely to show up, did everyone go nude, etc.

I answered each of their questions and did not feel at all strange that I was sitting nude speaking with two clothed young persons I had never met before. As I say, they seemed nervous, but I really don’t believe it had much to do with my nudity.

They had, in fact, come down for the first time to enjoy the shore together and had expected to find a location off by themselves for their “first time”. The tide was quite a way outside and I suggested a spot maybe 200 feet down the shore, where they could have a patch of sand behind a log, and have access to the large sandbar jutting out in the water, without having to navigate too many sharp rocks, etc.

They set off with their back pack and I saw them stop where I suggested and wave back at me. They young man took off his shorts nearly instantly (leaving his t shirt on for some reason), while his girlfriend remained clothed for a little while. But soon after that, I saw the two of them walking hand in hand out on the sandbar, naked except for flip-flops and hats.

I like to think that by simply acting matter-of-factly about being nude when they approached me, not trying to cover up, etc., that I made them feel a little more comfortable about their first naturist experience together. And after all, isn’t that what got us all “hooked” in the first place? That first time naked outdoors?

For quite a long time, I was very interested in becoming a nudist

, but was very fearful of what my parents might think about it.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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I’m 22 now, but I have liked going bare ever since I was about 18.
After reading this website, I decided to eventually just take a chance and see what happened. One day after school, I came home and took everything away. Nobody was home yet, so I took time to pump myself up. I sat on the sofa and watched television, waiting for my parents to get home. I was nervous for a little while, but eventually only got involved in the TV and nearly forgot about me being nude. Finally, my mother arrived home. I was really frightened as she walked in.
I expected her to freak out. She did give me a little bit of a odd look and asked me “Why don’t you have any clothes on?” It was extremely hot that day so I simply said that I could not stand the heat, so I simply took everthing off. She said “acceptable” and walked away. I could not believe it. my father came home a little while afterwards with essentially . I was so happy that I had made it so far. I decided to stay bare for as long as I could until they said something. I even ate dinner nude that nighttime.
Later on, I found my mom was looking at me strange. she was staring at my end. I thought “Uh oh, here it comes, she is going to tell me to get dressed.” Instead she said “You should probably sit on a towel if you’re going to go nude. You’ve marks in your butt with that chair you were sitting on. I laughed and told her fine.
After that night, I talked with my parents about nudity and they said I can go naked at home with just them whenever I need, but should get dressed when other people come over. I am good with that, that is more than I ever hoped for!! Well, that’s my story and by the way, this site rocks! thank you!

First Nude Beach

My first-time bare experience was when I had turned 23 and merely moved to Monterey, CA for a fresh occupation. I was researching the place before starting my job in a couple weeks, and also the preceding Saturday had detected a nude beach along the Big Sur Coast and decided to go there the next week.

I arrived fairly early in the morning, made the half mile trek to the bare section and found a good area about 20 yards down the shore from an older couple and a young gentleman who were already down there. I was VERY nervous and decided I’d take it step by step. I laid out my towel and removed all but my t shirt and boxer shorts and sat on my towel for a while attempting to work up the nerve. Meanwhile, more people began to populate the shore and shortly there was a gentleman about my age only fifteen feet away from me laying out bare reading a novel.

Time passed and one hour in the beach and I still could not get up the nerve. Finally the guy near me looks over at me, nods “hello” then asks me if I’d enjoy a cold beer. I accepted, and to my surprise he got up and lugged his towel and all his stuff right next to me, reached in his cooler, grabbed a couple beers afterward introduced himself and given me a beer. One of the very first things he said was “This is your first time at a nude beach, isn’t it?” I said yes and he instantly said there was no need to worry- no one was going to stare at me or do anything if I took off my top and boxers.

So, QUITE furtively away came my boxers but my top stayed on. He laughed and said “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” I laughed and we continued to speak. Despite the fact that the boxers were now off, I was sitting up with my knees pulled tightly to my chest, arms wrapped around my legs.

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Eventually, I became more relaxed, stood up and took off my top then put back down, this time placing my legs out and leaning back, propped up on my elbows. Well, “it” occurred almost immediately and I quickly rolled over on my stomach, simply to hear a little laugh and “Do Not worry- occurred to me my first time too” from my new-found buddy.

Within a couple hours I was absolutely comfortable and was tossing around a frisbee, walking up and down the seashore, and even got invited into a game of Scrabble by a closeby couple. Unfortunately, the place where I worked in CA went out of business and I moved back to Michigan where nude beaches are nonexistent and anti-nudity laws are strictly enforced on public properties. I actually wish there was a landed, private nude beach on Lake Michigan! I would be there every weekend!

-Mark P
Grand Haven, Michigan

My wife of 29 years died of cancer. She was raised severe Southern Baptist, so sometimes being naked at home was O.K., but she would have never considered societal nudity.

A year after she died, I tried various things to get back into the social scene. Singles clubs were difficult, so I began taking short weekend trips to get out of the house.

Any of these trips found me near Panama City, Florida, about four hours from . I’d seen the Baybares web site, so out of curiosity I phoned and inquired if a single man would be accepted. When the fine seeming lady on the phone welcomed me, I asked directions. The nerves grew as I discovered and proceeded along the sandy drive to the club. I nearly turned around three times, however there was no place to turn without becoming stuck in the sand. Then I came to the cable across the road that marked the club entrance where I was met by a cordial man wearing a towel around his midsection. He let me in, showed me where to park and requested me to sign in at .

The nervousness escalated exponentially as I parked and started the walk to the clubhouse. There, by the pool was a delightful girl sunning fully nude. She flashed me a delightful smile, introduced herself as Gloria and started to chat with me. I couldn’t believe how relaxed she was, even though she was fully nude. I then proceeded to sign in, pay my reasons fees, and be given a brief synopsis of the rules and etiquette of the club.

I returned to my car to undress. After taking a tremendous breath, I took off the last of my clothes. Then I turned around, in complete panic, but I was immediately met by a throng of bare individuals of all ages and body types welcoming me and encouraging me to play water volleyball and attend the potluck dinner that evening. They treated me like a long lost cousin who had returned home.

It was a splendid weekend, also it provided just the familiarity with friendly people that I wanted so urgently at that time of my own life. Gloria will never understand what a wonderful gift her smile and friendly conversation was to a solitary stranger. It gave me the courage to return to my car, undress, and start the following phase of my own life as a nudist among some of the friendliest, most welcoming men and women on the planet.

I remarried a year later and my new wife came to comprehend how important social nudity was to me. After a year of marriage she graciously decided to participate as well. She enjoys our trips to Cypress Cove when we can get away a few times annually.

My only regret is that I waited so long to detect the amazing experience of social nudism and how friendly people are at nudist clubs.

-Joe B.
Lower, Alabama
Nude at the seashore

On Saturday, July 16th, I went to my first clothing-optional beach at Robert Moses State Park’s Lighthouse Beach. It was early and when I arrived, several folks were already enjoying their nakedness. I looked around and slipped off my top & short pants and in an instant, standing nude and enjoying it. Nobody stared or gawked and for the following three hours I loved the freedom of no clothes. My only regret is that I was alone & had nobody to share my experience with. Maybe next time, I will have a guest join me

-Tony M
New York
The only thing that bothered me

My first nudist experience was when my partner and I went with friends to Cypress Cove in Florida. Having lived in Fla many years, I was use to miniature swim wear and extreme sun. So the transition to no clothes and extreme sun was easy. That is until I reached for my pocket knife in my pocket. I didn’t have one! Pocket that’s. In the clothed world going without my knife I felt nude. Now without both my pockets and knife I was in a quandary. Luckily, I had a small satchel in my vehicle in which I could carry my wallet, knife, and reading material.

Once I ‘d overcome my lack of pockets, the friendliness, ease, independence, and openness at the resort made the weekend very gratifying. We have been back several times and I am looking forward to our next trip there next week.

-Bob B
Clearwater, Florida
Real Freedom

Our first experience being socially bare was in 1998. We had as often as possible been naked privately at home for many years since the day we were wed but we’d no notion what social nudism was around until we detected it online. Being born again believers in God, we still felt that nudism was a right, good, and healthful lifestyle. After more online study we were convinced that true nudism wasn’t about sex and we scheduled a visit to Pine Tree Resort, in Crownsville, MD.

After driving through the gate one Saturday morning in June, the sight of so many naked people was at first surreal. We checked in at the office, and were presented to a naked host couple who’d give us a tour of the property. We undressed and toured the property. Individuals were swimming, playing tennis, grilling and just relaxing as at any given resort in a park-like setting. There was an indoor and an outdoor pool, a hot tub, a hiking trail, snack bar, gift shop, etc.

It absolutely was our first time swimming nude, and we’ve never worn a swimsuit since that day. As the male half of this couple I can say that there was no embarrassment with an erection that I ‘d earlier concerns about. You will always have a towel as a back-up just in case. We have not seen that become an issue for anyone. The most difficult part of that first day nude was having to get dressed for the trip back home.

We now visit White Tail Resort in Ivor, VA often, as it’s our favorite nudist resort. The folks are extremely friendly there. White Tail is a family oriented resort attended by individuals of all ages. To be nude all weekend, and to wake up and walk outside nude in the morning and feel sunlight and also the atmosphere all over your naked body is pure ecstasy. We currently vacation at nudist resorts virtually exclusively.

Our other favourite nudist resorts include Cedar Creek, Serendipity Park, Cypress Cove, and Lake Como. All these resorts are family oriented resorts and are recorded on the AANR site. We realize that we’re safer at a nudist resort than at a hotel. The relaxation at a nudist resort is beyond any other we have ever experienced. The practice of social nudism has been a lifesaver due to the anxiety alleviation we enjoy while nude.

One day naked around other people appreciating life in this wholesome environment is similar to a week in a luxurious clothed resort. For those who haven’t experienced social nudism then do not deny yourself this experience. Nudism is a genuine retreat from the uptight and pretentious cloth society we live in. When we see individuals of all ages playing sports, having a meal together or just relaxing nude among buddies, our only regret is that we didn’t start this awesome lifestyle earlier.

-Captain & Candies

being relativly new to the universe of nudism I ‘ve

very few nudist experiances so mine would probarly be my first nude experiance, although more recently I met a women at a seashore who told me her first nudest experiance she was 17 years old and holidaying with family in america, her parents had gone sight seeing for the day and she made a decision to check out a few of the neighborhood beaches. after some time of searching she found a beautiful serene little cove where there was know one else around and as the day had started out bad weather shrewd she had not packed her bathing suit but as the day had brightened up she thought that she couldn’t pass up the concept of a quick swim and as the shore was desserted she didnt think anything of stripping off and taking A dip anyhow after some time of swimming she began to get chilly and so swam to a small rocky island about 50 yards out. after heating on the isle she began to make back toward the shore after reaching the shore she made the shocking discovery that while she’d been sunbathing on the island the tide had come in and all of her clothes trainers and all had been taken by the ocean. she was stranded no clothing no towel and what made matters worse was that she had walked to the beach so she had no automobile, there was just one thing to do she would have to walk back through a active resedential estate in , so she did it. she explained that she must have seen over 60 people over that to mile walk back to her apartment an it was the most exhilerating experiance of her life. now thats bowels !

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Have you ever posed nude in public?

Could you get enough bravery to do that? Well, I did that and Im prepared to tell you my exciting teen nudism story! It’s occurred not so long time ago. Few months ago or something such as that! It was the very pinnacle of tourism season and millions of people were flying all around the globe while trying to find new beliefs. Meanwhile I was sitting at home totally free and I didnt have anything to do! My school session has concluded however I was feeling kind of tired, since I had absolutely nothing to do! In order not to perish from boredom, I called my girlfriend Jessica and told her my story. I knew that she’s extremely helpful and she would find a great option for me. When she heard my voice, she absolutely understood the whole situation and didnt take long to find an initial solution. She said that in Thailand there is the ideal place to unbend and relax. Nevertheless , as soon as I heard that its gonna be a nudist beach, I felt kind of strange, because Ive never been there! I simply could envision as naked folks are walking and lying by each other, but I could never imagine that I ‘d be among them! Yet Jessica had perfect convincing abilities and the following day I ended up flying with her in airplane to one of those exotic isles in Thailand.
The idea of being around nude people itself was stunning me and frightening at precisely the same time. The road from the airport to our hotel wasnt long and all this manner I was thinking how Im gonna act when I eventually arrive to nudist beach and get my first teen nudist experience!
as soon as I made my first step on that long-awaited nudist beach, a huge blast of incomprehensible emotions has enveloped me! I was surprised, embarrassed and excited at the same time! I was hesitating to take a look at nude bodies around me and at dicks which were encircling me! Naked studs everywhere! Cocks, cocks, cocksIve never seen this kind of large amount of manhood encircling me at the exact same time! That was totally amazing! At first was feeling kind of shy to expose my body to the public. Nonetheless Jessica has described me that it is completely legal and all those nude people will perceive my teen nudism as ordinary. So I left all the fears behind and began taking clothes off my body, slowly exposing my elastic body comforts till I was fully naked. I mean, completely bare! No panties, no bra or bikini! And guess what? Nothing amazing has happened! All nudists took me the way I am and Ive understood that actually there’s nothing to be frightened of teen nudism! Vice versa! In my age actually it is very intriguing to find new horizons and get new things. Also all the things that I was discovering was honestly speaking really interesting and exciting to me at the same time!
Very soon I ‘ve fully assimilated and all that mature and teen nudity wasnt disarraying me in any way and I was feeling generally seeing boobs, bums and dicks encircling me! In return all those brawny studs began checking me out as well! I was feeling hundreds glimpses at my body! And honestly speaking it was so enjoyable! For once in my life I wasnt fixed by any rules or limits and all this little lechery was absolutely legal! It was like a heaven on earth! Wonderland, to tell the truth! So a lot of my secret desires and nasty fantasies have become real and I was recognizing that this teen nudism encounter is absolutely irreplaceable for me!
Weve spent the entire day swimming in the ocean, having sunbaths and playing various sport games on the seashore. Nonetheless Jessica desired to make this teen nudism journey utterly unforgettable and so she proposed another plan to me! When I believed that the most courageous thing has already been done, she has suggested me another one! Her plan was to seduce a man right on the seashore! Could you believe in that? Same with me! At first I was absolutely stunned and didnt understand what to do! But Jessica told me that there is nothing to worry about! Im naked and it means that half of the plan is already realized. All I need will be to come up to a stud Ive enjoyed and together with the aid of my attraction and pick up him! Ive never done anything in this way before, but she insisted and I ‘d nothing to do, but to mind. So I chose a fine stud, who’d a brawny ripped body and impressive credentials. You understand what Im talking about! So I approached, lied by him and started throwing tempting at him! I couldnt believe that Im doing this! Well, my hot body and natural allure got the work done just fine and extremely shortly we were discussing already as if we were friends since quite a while!

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I liked him and he enjoyed me! Everything was simply perfect! The day was slowly turning into night and we both understood how its gonna end up! However this is already another story! The primary thing is that with the help of teen nudism I managed to do the most courageous thing in my entire life and not one, but two! And all this is because of Jessica and her inventiveness. Thats absolutely unforgettable and those sensational memories will remain with me forever!

Duecer, adolescent lads get spontaneous erections very frequently and anywhere they happen to be.

Showing up nude in public where there also happens to be , a nice wind, and naked females romping about is going to make your son’s arousal significantly more likely. I recommend that you simply refrain from insisting to your wife that erections don’t happen at nudist sites, especially among teens, because that statement is way off the mark.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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You remarked that you did not mention anything to your wife about your son’s erection in the water (“I never told my wife.”) The lad is very likely able to sense your requirement for secrecy in this matter and that fact alone will make him uneasy about it, or even embarrassed.

The next time he gets an erection in your existence, be casual about it. Tell him it’s part of life, there is nothing wrong with having one, he’s a completely regular lad and there’s no need to be embarassed. But do underscore the need to act appropriately if (when) it happens around others, by not waving it about like a huge flag and to only dismiss it if he can’t easily conceal it. Not bringing to it is the top plan of action. If someone does notice, he should stay cool as if nothing is going on.

And as one poster already indicated, make sure your daughter will not make fun of him if (when) she sees him with an erection. Thirteen year old boys can be very sensitive about those remarks.

I also propose having a conversation with “the wife” and declare the information you gave her is not completely right. She’s going to nearly certainly spot your son with an erection one day at the resort. She has to understand he is having them, and providing correct info regarding the subject will reduce her shock and embarassment. If your wife knows how likely and ordinary erections are for a young teenage boy, she is able to take it in stride when it does occur and not make your son feel terrible about an uncontrollable body function.

Ah, nudists! Over the years I Have grown to actually appreciate nudists and nudist

hangouts in general. Now, as a youthful kids, closer to infancy, I recall we always made like Tommy from the Rugrats and continuously stripped our clothes away. Our parents ran round the home trying to pick up the articles of clothing as we ran by them, tossing off something different. (Eventually they taped all our clothing on with duct tape and then further fixed us to our high chair with said tape. Your parents did not tape you? Oh, well then I might’ve merely been one of the fortunate ones. Oh I jest, calm down) As a
child, I had to go through my parents divorce, then the awkward decision of attempting to figure out who to live with. At first, I resided with my mother for a couple years. I still recall all the various roommates we had living with us homosexual, straight, male or female, people from all walks of life. For that I thank her because I grew up being socially well-rounded with a variety of belief systems and lifestyles around me. One roommate, whom I still have as a good friend in my entire life, was a gentleman (whom well call George) who practiced nudism. Well, not that you have to “practice being nude” since we all are under our clothing anyway, but people who favor that lifestyle do have a tendency to drop those outer garments a lot! To his credit, instead of merely being nude all the time, he consistently made sure that it would be okay with the rest of the roommates including my mother, my sister and I, before he appeared undressed, so that everybody in the house wouldnt be too disturbed when he was “practicing his lifestyle.” Of course as a young girl, the sight of a naked guy running around the house can be something of a giggle, but because of how I had been brought up, I wasnt worried by it. When I wanted to have non-nudist friends over, I’d be sure to inform him so in advance and he’d promptly go throw on a pair of shorts with no criticism. So that the system we had in the family worked just fine.
My mom was very openly enthusiastic about nudity additionally, along with all those other taboo issues that come up awkwardly when youre a teenager when talking with your parents. To her credit, instead of waiting until my sister and I reached our teenager years, she made sure that we knew about different things that go on in other peoples houses, behind closed doors, and even in our house not that being nude was a tremendous matter. ( I have no doubt if our President and his staff ran around nude, the countrys reaction would be one of absolute approval!)] Mother was a “not everywhere, not all the time” nudist, meaning she liked to hang out at view , run round the backyard nude, but not run around a nudist park. Societal nudity outside with several hundred other folks merely wasnt her thing.
It was, however, Georges thing, and he belonged to a neighborhood nudist resort and spent most weekends there. I remember asking him about the place and he always replied enthusiastically about it as being nice and also an enjoyable place, but I wasnt quite ready yet. He made a standing invitation for my mom, my sister and I to go whenever we determined it was time, but he would not do so without my mothers written permission and with everyone’s entire understanding of what the behavior rules were there. Eventually, perhaps a year after, my mom and sister did go with him, and appreciated the experience very much. But by then I had moved out as well as lived with my dad and stepmom and was being raised in a rather sheltered, religious kind of way. This whole nudist thing didnt appear sinful, but modesty was drilled into my head, so I was less open to the notion of being naked around other people until a couple of years afterwards.
Afterward came the “Great Rebellion of Age Fourteen,” and one day while hanging out at my moms house I finally got the guts to ask George if I really could go with him to this nudist resort and see what all the fuss was about. We both made sure it was fine with my mother, and it was, so away we went to the nudist park! Being the shy, awkward child I was, I did not run around dropping my clothes right away. Rather, I think the first few times I fastened myself in the pool and scarcely left it, except perhaps to play a game of badminton. (Yes,I played badminton as a child. You didn’t? Gosh you really missed out! Oh yes, so back to naked badminton…) It wasnt that I was uneasy in the area, because everyone was really nice and supportive. I suppose I played badminton to stop from staring at individuals. It’s hard not to stare at fifty or so people lounging about like lizards in the sun without a shred of clothes on.

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Particularly when you’re fourteen. Obviously, when you are fourteen, you additionally thank the gods for your youth and taut skin. One thing I understand I can thank the nudists for were their parties.
It’s uncanny how many parties they throw. I believe they sit in front of a calendar saying ‘Ok, so Halloween is coming up at the end of the month, then there’s Thanksgiving, but damnit! There has to be something in between!” Then they recognize there’s Election Day (which is not really something to observe these days), Veteran’s Day, and Eid Al-Fitr (for all you fasting nudists out therethough they are hard to locate). Those days are celebratory enough, so they throw a bash and have a lot of food and sit around drinking their cocktails, eating everything in sight (at least I did), and celebrating their nakedness, er I mean the vacation at hand.
On one such vacation, I can not remember which, they had one very talented member of the resort staff doing body painting on anyone who was interested. Now, in the event you’ve never had a paintbrush dragged across your bum, well let me tell you, it tickles! I decided to get up enough guts to get the gentleman paint a dragon from my shoulder to just under my rear. It looked wonderful, indeed! Everyone was telling me how amazing it appeared, on me and only in general. I believe even a German television crew was there filming the festivities. Those Germans, they will put anything on television – even a lot of ol’ nude people. But so I pranced around all day, displaying my backside to each adoring onlooker. Subsequently, much of shyness dissipated after that day.
After that I made many return visits and then I started looking forward to it almost every weekend, as I ‘d made many friends there of all ages, and enjoyed being able to just lounge about in the sun. I enjoyed it so much, after several years I gently started telling some of my buddies about it. To my surprise many were interested themselves, and eventually I brought to the resort a girl friend from high school. After the same year I brought there my boyfriend in the time (even though he proved to be a whole lot more religiously repressed than I ever was.) And still later that summer, I brought an Internet buddy from Ohio while he visited to share his first day of social nudity with our club members. During the the next couple of years, I encouraged quite several pals to join me at the resort, and all of them wound up having a terrific experience! As you can observe, this lifestyle is some thing that now I really enjoy sharing with people I know. As a young woman, I’ve finally moved out on my own, and I appreciate running around my very own house naked whenever I get the opportunity (and at my mothers house whenever I return to visit.) I am now proud to say I’m a Nudist (with a capital “N”), and I have my mother and her roommate George to thank for it, those many years ago.
That all being said, I think I have some sunning to do. It’s a fairly wonderful day and I’ve a great balcony that is calling to me.

You Meet the Nicest People When You Are Nude

I come down to the Florida Keys in March with my wife. This year I needed to come down in February but my wife did not need to be away from home that long so she allowed me to go by myself. Being by myself and knowing there was a clothing-optional beach nearby and it’s something I ‘ve always thought about attempting but knowing my wife would not approve of my mindset, I thought, “She will never understand so go see what’s all about.”

So away I went, short pants, tee shirt, thong, and water shoes. The thong was my outside if I could not get up the nerve to go fully bare. Once I got to the seashore, and this is really a little shore, I walked out in my short pants and sat down and started to think, “Are you going to do this or what?”

The amusing thing that happened was that I was sitting by this guy and we started discussing (he was naked) and I felt uneasy and got up and walk down the beach to get away from him. Being somewhat in a secluded place I got my tee shirt off and short pants,just leaving on the thong. This nice couple came walking down the trail and saw me there and halted for few seconds and told me a little in regards to the region and where to go and not to go.

They then began down the seashore. I placed back to get some sunshine when all of a sudden they reappeared and ask if they could sit down next to where I was sitting. I said OK, wondering why they came back so soon. Well this started getting better.

There they sat naked and now having a friendly conversation with me. Soon I found they where no longer nude in front of me (they were but I just then did not notice anymore) but just a good couple speaking to a visitor. Now the strange thing. I got up took off my thong and was standing there completely nude in front of two strangers. I’ve never been nude in front of a girls apart from my wife in my life and it all looked totally natural.

Now I was nude and this couple seemed to say, “That wasn’t that bad was it,” got up and went on their marry way. The remaining part of the day I walked around the beach naked and was fearing the sun going down.

I’ll go back and do this again. It only seems so natural and now I am wondering how can I convince my wife there isn’t anything incorrect about being nude with like minded folks. It certainly beats garments along with the nudists you meet are extremely reassuring.

Now I must go and imagine where I’m going. Get naked or bare however do not be .

Introduced Many to Nudism

Raised a rigorous Catholic in a time that even the word nude or naked was never permitted, I had a hard time understanding this premise. I discovered I loved being nude really young and often had fantasies of being naked exterior. When old enough to sneak off alone, I experienced my first social nude day and have not looked back.

I’ve introduced numerous friends to social nudity and have never had one buddy have a bad encounter being bare. There have been several friends that vowed they would never strip nude in public and I gave them lots of leeway and within just a couple of minutes they had stripped nude and found the only negative element of the day spent nude was that they had to put their clothes back on at the close of the day.

When I met my husband, he was a long time nudist and we both openly enjoy being nude whenever possible. We entertain many buddies and for a while we were bare with only a couple of close friends and then we determined to have a clothes optional celebration in our back yard for a mix of nude and textile buddies. We’ve got a pool and Jacuzzi and the lawn is totally private so this definitely made enjoyable lots of fun. The day of the celebration, we had ideas that perhaps this was a terrible idea but too late when the first of our cloth pals arrived a little early. I was wearing a sarong and my husband a male variant of a sarong. My friend Michelle had a little look of disappointment as she came in and I inquired if she was alright and Michelle giggled a little and said “I believed this was really going to be clothing optional but you are dressed”! With that, I dropped the sarong and said come in and make yourself comfy. I offered the bedroom to change and Michelle said that was not needed and comfortably undressed and said which way to the pool. A couple of our guest revealed a little trepidation of stripping initially but within the first 30 minutes clothing was no longer discretionary as everyone was bare.

The evening was warm and we partied well into the morning. The majority of our guests had departed by 1AM but two other couples simply didn’t wish to see the evening come to a finish. Eventually, we offered for them to stay overnight and with one last dip in the Jacuzzi, we all went to bed.

Sunday morning, up early and headed to the kitchen to brew coffee and met Karen and Rick in the hall. Both bare and headed to the Jacuzzi. When everyone was up, we ladies made breakfast and we all enjoyed a leisurely brunch in the nude on the veranda. The day passed and no one wanted the weekend to end. We women sunbathed by the pool as well as the men appreciated football but shortly joined us in the pool.

We’ve since continued our celebrations with our new located nudist friends and do meet at one other couples’ house when their adolescents are gone for the weekend. For those have share the regular trepidation of social nudity, I am hoping you will work up the guts to at least try it once and I am certain you will be hooked for life. You’d be alarmed how a number of your friends are nudists.

Ontario, California
My first encounter

26 years ago my wife and I seen the Club Med on Martinique. Our room was near the nude beach and we walked past it going to and from our room. Although we are certified in scuba, Club Med demanded a “checkout” dive to be able to participate. We went for the check out our first full day there. I did not have any trouble and passed. My wife had some ear equalizing issues and had to cease the checkout. This required her to go back the next morning. So I ‘d the morning alone. While walking from my room to the beach I halted at the nude beach. I thought that I’d take a look. It really seemed strange to see so a lot of folks all nude! As I stood there for a second I recognized that I was the one standing out in my suit. I hesitated and was about to leave when I said to my self, “What the heck, go for it.” So I took my suit off. It was odd to be standing on a public beach, NAKED! The genuinely shocking part was that no one looked twice! So I grabbed a chair, spread out my towel and spent the morning reading.

As it came time for my wife to return, I put my suit on and went to meet her. I asked how the dive went and she said good, so we could sign up to go diving. She asked me what I did for the morning. I hesitated and somewhat obstructed, told her. I described the strangeness which dissolved into relaxation as the morning passed. I described that there were all kinds of folks, young and old, appropriate and much from fit all relaxing on the shore. She surprised me by saying, “I think I should try it out too.” Which is where we spent the rest of our week when not out diving.

Since then we have been to many resorts, some with bare areas and some where the resort was all nude. We attend a club near us when our schedules allow. It took some years to be comfortable telling them, but now all our close friends know how small we have to pack for holiday!

Jogging nude

My first time is the same as most, I started at home when I was about fifteen years old. I was raised in an extremely typical American subdivision in Long Island, NY. I am the youngest of three, the summers morning was perfect for a fast jog. I followed my daily path which took me down a fire trail next to the railroad tracks.

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In a secluded place the craving was really strong so I took off my shorts and tank top the cool morning air felt so wonderful against my skin; I believed it helped me run faster. I became very comfortable with myself in a brief period of time. Running naked down a wooded dirt road was enjoyable and incredibly intoxicating. Regrettably the trail was coming to an end I began to see buildings and cars. My brief moment of being bare had come to an end.
When I got back to my house everybody else had left for work so I stripped down and stayed nude for the rest of the day. Since then anytime I can get to a nude beach or a nudist camp, I go when I can, but nothing will match those first moments back that summer so long ago.

My First Nudist Experience

About 15 years back I learned the precise location of the sole local nude beach. It wasn’t easy to get reliable info and I ‘d gone on more than one wild goose chase. I told my wife I was going to check it out when I got an excellent opportunity. Not long after I finished work before rush hour and set out to locate the beach. I managed to find parking but knew I ‘d have to walk a good half mile. Crossing a few suburban company parking lots I came to a railroad crossing. I followed the courses as I was told I should do but I wasn’t alone. Other people were headed the same direction carrying towels and or bags appropriate for time at the beach. I followed a small group of people when an opening with a trail into the woods veered away from the paths. With this time I discovered there was two way traffic. All this suggested to me a well known and frequented destination was nearing. A few more minutes and I started hearing sounds of action, numerous voices etc. I really could see ahead a widening of the trail and as I approached it I saw to my acceptance and with some surprise a high number of nude and near nude people. They were somewhat packed onto a tiny gravelly shore in the southeastern border of a long narrow lake. On the lake there was an equally large number of nude people floating on air mattresses many linked together by holding hands or just with a hand on an adjoining air mattress. Meanwhile a number of folks waded and swam naked. I was starting to feel overdressed and did not want to be perceived as a gawker and in a style of less than a minute I was bare. The feeling was completely liberating. In spite of being solo I didn’t feel noticeable or out of place. I found a little patch of shore and laid out my towel. I took a little time to only observe and take it all in but soon got up and waded into the water. I knew I had discovered an activity I’d repeat.
On my way home I thought it might be unsatisfactory trying to continue going to the seashore as I knew my wife wouldn’t be interested. Arriving house my wife and her sister were relaxing after work and getting dinner started. Shortly she asked me if I found it and I told her yes. She then asked if I took my clothes off. I told her I did and I loved it. Her answer was “You’re weird”. Boy I ‘d an uphill fight ahead.
Well times have changed and we have been members of a landed club for several years and she is also a nudist but that is another story. .
Blaine, Minnesota

I was on a naked sailing cruise in the British Virgin Islands 6-7 years

ago and we were anchored in White Bay. It was after dinner, we had had a bottle of wine or four, and decided we needed to proceed to the pub ashore for a drink – but of course we didn’t want to get dressed. Somehow we didn’t see this as a issue. Into the dighy we scaled, motored off to the pub (not the Soggy Dollar, the other one) and in we walked. There were just half a dozen folks there, but not surprisingly our entrance was noticed. One young man let out a whoop when we walked in, and he quickly got nude (though his girlfriend got him get dressed again – I Have often believed that I expected he dumped her). We sat down as generally as possible at one of the tables, continuing our dialog, and in a moment the waiter came along. She was really flustered, garbled a couple of incoherent monosylables, and then left, having forgotten to take our drink orders.

We spent almost two hours in and had a grand time. Eventually many of the other patrons left, the bartender got , and yet the waiter took off her top. She and our hostess then compared breast jobs and discovered they’d had the same plastic surgeon in Atlanta.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

It was certainly a memorable night!

But the part I actually have yet to figure out is how – or whether – we paid for our drinks. We went without clothing, consequently without pockets, consequently without wallets, hence without money. So I guess the best part of the evening was that it was not only clothing-free, it was additionally drinks-for-free.

I was born in a country where nudism/naturism is still taboo.

I ‘d my first experience once I was 13. Its during summer vacation and I was learning swimming in a near by pool. One day, I forgot to wear the swimming trunk and I recognized that when I’m going to drop my pants. I do not desire to go back home for my undies.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
Check it

So I decided to wrap a towel and keep to swim. The towel used to slip off frequently and for the very first time in my entire life that my skin got in direct contact with water under sunlight. I felt the coldness of water along with the warmthness of the sunshine with entirely naked body. Its a sensory feeling and I fell in love with naturism for the very first time.
To be honest, I got into few lusty activities (like nude erotic massages etc) during . But I never felt the genuine happiness in these types of actions and every time I believed guiltiness in my heart that Iam doing something incorrect. Nudism for me at that age is only glaring at naked women. But as I grow-up, I gave-up all those lusty matters.
When I reached my twenties, I began believing in a matured way and I began adoring naturism. I had the influence of few philosophers on my mind, that makes me to choose naturism. Now Iam comfortable with nude men and woman of all ages around me. Infact , nothing around me is fascinating for me now than my own naked body exposed to sun.
But as I mentioned earlier, is not welcomed in Asia. So, I used to confine my actions within four walls. But whenever I get a change, I don’t consider second time to wear my birthday suit