The summer after my 8th grade I went to the Crimea. My mother and me were sunbathing on a beach.

We would see the exact same spot each day, and I was fairly keen on going somewhere else, but for the lack of a better choice I was swimming alongside the seashore. I’d swim a significant distance, and once I reached so far that I saw a stone sticking out of water – I almost instantaneously made up my thoughts about swimming behind it and seeing what was there.
When got there my eyes fell upon a significant sight – several men and girls were sunbathing there totally nude! I had learned about nudism before and thus I wasn’t quite shocked But as long as I had my bathing suit on I did not dare to come out of water and watch them, and so I was looking at them from where I were. I ‘d my diving spectacles on me, so I pretended to be diving to view the seascape while in fact I was fairly a lot more interested in seeing people who were swimming without their bathing suits and trunks. In point of fact, I’d seen naked guys before, but now submerged nudity was something more exciting. When I got back to the resort the opinions of the day wouldn’t leave me.
The next day mother stayed in the resort and I went to the shore accompanied by my pal. I told her about the yesterday’s nude beach, and we raced there for a fresh share of feelings. On our way there we reached the conformity not to take off our bathing suits, but merely to see other people loving outdoors naked.

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Eventually we reached the nude beach and made ourselves comfy. Our preceding observation was that for the folks around it was a matter of fact thing to walk around bare, both for men and for girls.
My friend took off the very top of her bathing suit, and I, also, was famished for new sensations Am I a chicken or not, after all? And it was then that I GOT COMPLETELY NAKED IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. I cannot put into words the belief it carried me. It felt as if I were some kind of a star set upon the scene with all the eyes looking at me. but that wasn’t almost all! I was able to relax in water and did not feel embarrassed anymore – after all, one could not see much of my body while I was in water
But she only laughed at me!
Having nothing to do, I pretended I was a supermodel prepared to produce her appearance on stage. And with my nose up in the air I made it to the coast completely naked in front of all spectators that were there to see me. Curiously, the crowd didn’t break in applause. I looked at the beachers around me, but none of them appeared to pay no attention to me and just minding their particular business. I even felt a wee bit disappointed by that fact Those were my first impressions of getting suntanned evenly. Now I sunbathe only bare, and I’m not put off by the existence of people in swimsuits. If they are there it merely goes to show that they respect me and like it all and are just afraid to do it themselves so far.
As for the process of getting suntanned without swimsuit – I cannot even characterize the feeling of having your body caressed by the gentle breeze, and what is best – you have got no wet cloth clinging to you after you have bathed. The total feeling is simply TERRIFIC. Actually, for them on could brush aside fears and humiliation and other prejudices.

So this is what happened. A nudist clip that takes place at Deep Creek Hot Springs was published in our group, with the next remark:

Hi Nudies:) Check out this new avi we made with go ace at deep creek!
The first round of comments were favorable:
Great fun !!
Wonderful adventure.
Wow! What a beautiful place to go for a hike and dunks!! Awesome video. You really can get a feeling of the fun the participants had while being there. Thanks for sharing!
Afterward the following opinions appeared which opened the door for a actual erudite dialog:
Interesting how the mp4 typically targets the women.
I believed the same, while it was fun and interesting it did lack gender equilibrium. Which leaves a number of questions.
At this point, Felicity chimed in and said:
Felicity Jones: It’s well-done (& we don’t see too many high-quality nudist videos like this), but there is unquestionably a focus on the women & a few pictures feel a little bit voyeuristic.
Yeah, above and beyond a deficiency of gender balance, some of the shots seemed rather “cheeky” to me. They are young so I give them the BOTD [advantage of the doubt]
Felicity Jones: It’s a generation company that made it. They might be new, but they are not young.
All this occurred in a matter if seconds. It was at this point that I joined in:
Jordan Blum: I don’t get the point. It is fine quality but more of a voyeuristic approach than the usual naturist one – focusing on breasts and vaginas and not revealing members / focusing on guys. That is what we anticipate from mainstream. Shouldn’t the naturist community raise the bar?
thanks for sharing this clip. Lots to understand: First off, seems like they all had a blast! Loved the place. Amazing mp4 & sound quality. Cinematography was amazing. The pans and zooms added so much more vibrance to the shots. I particularly enjoyed the declivitous pan at 1:37. Kudos to the editor for the dFKKmic pacing.
I enjoyed the flow of the storyline.
Sometimes we nudists are a little too serious about ourselves. It was lively and assured, not pornographic.
I hope that CFI continues to strive with this level of quality. I think videos such as this would be quite capable of bringing in a younger crowd to the area of naturism. My only criticism, nevertheless, is that as the mp4 progressed, I became increasingly disturbed by how much focus was on the women rather than the guys. Undoubtedly too little gender balance. I’m sure that your most positive feedback will be from male spectators, and suppose that many females will be turned-off by the lady crotch-pictures and boob zooms, coupled with the possible lack of male skin.
I had strongly urge giving the cameras to females sometimes, and letting them record their appreciation of assured maleness. This movie revealed that such female taste can be somewhat titillating without being pornography. ( If the producers are worried about turning off male viewers, the simple solution is show full-frontal male nudity without zooming in on penises. ) On the other hand, when nudists are fighting so hard to convince the people that naturism is not about sex(uality), videos with a Playboy flavor ( only unclothed females ) kinda defeat the purpose.
Overall, I loved the movie. I believe if future videos are more gender balanced, (even 60/40 female/ Hello everyone, my name is Adele and I would like to say several words about my nudist family ) they’ll be a excellent way to create interest in the younger generation.
I saw the voyeuristic strategy comment on the Vimeo avi and there was short frames of the manhood, but I do agree that that particular clip did look to avoid capturing the parts of guys that is normally covered, but had not a problem getting the parts of the women which can be generally covered.
I’ve seen other Vimeo videos though, that were not like that at all. Most nudist spots I attend additionally have children, but videos of those areas scarcely, if ever, show youngsters enjoying the sun.
As for me, I’d rather look at unclothed women than men or kids, so I appreciated the video that Tom* shared with us. Thanks!!!.
It should show everyone having fun. I understand being unable to demonstrate naked children but there is no reason behind a naturist movie to be focusing only on girls merely because some guys would rather see that or are uneasy looking at another dick. Okay so why are there a lot more women then men? Specially considering that nudism is a male dominant action????
Jordan Blum: You all rock! I presumed the elements and technical aspects were all very well done.
We are a 365 day a year group Would be nice if it could have been about community.
And quite frankly I didn’t see anyone crying discrimination but just asking a question, I do not see a difficulty with that.
Jordan Blum: My father tells me I ‘ve a habit of following the trail less travelled, and so it was with becoming a nudist. to place it – we are not the demographic.

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It reminds me of what I read in one of Frank Herbert’s Dune novels once. I love google

, it found it for me. Here it is:
There was this drylander who was asked which was more significant, a literjon of water or a vast pool of water? The drylander thought a minute and then said: “The literjon is more important. No single individual could own a great pool of plain water.

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But a literjon you could hide under your cloak and run away with it. No one would know.”
-The Jokes of Early Dune,
Bene Gesserit Archives

We treat nudity, and sexuality, as matters which are so precious, we literally have to hide it from others as we fear that, exposed, everyone would try and get it. In a land where it is everywhere, however, there is absolutely no demand for such anxiety. In a way, many western cultures are already like this in relation to numerous arab cultures, for example Saudi Arabia. There, they fear seeing anything but of the eyes of women for fear a guy would be tempted by one. Here we are apalled at this notion that people would believe that guys ought to be so weak, but we do not live in Saudi Arabia; there, apparently, they’re; and it is engrained into them in their culture. We just have the same notion simply more average; here it’s fine to see not just a woman’s face, but her hair as well, and much more besides, but most tend to draw the line at some point of skimpy clothing in public. Nudists, ofcourse, go beyond even this, although generally only in certain settings (at the very least nudists tend to avoid being bare where it’s not legal to do so).

I would assert the issue of sexuality is rather similar, together with the one caveat that kids and pregnancy, and STIs are also variables there. In any case, my point stands; I think that with enough dialogue folks will understand the advantages to being more liberal, both garments shrewd and sexuality shrewd, while at exactly the same time teaching ourselves more so that we prevent the errors that makes of some such puritans, will be better for everybody.

Now this is an encounter still gives me nightmares up to this

I was a member of a group before and we would usually practice at night when everyone’s away from school or work at a friend’s garage, we were all about exactly the same age, around 20-24, I was 20 then and one of the most youthful so was our pianist who was also a girl, my sister who was not a part of the band, would often join us when we practice since she enjoys hanging out with the guys… then we had the men: the drummer, the lead guitarist, the bassist, the rhythm guitarist and (additional) percussionist
On this particular night nevertheless, two more guys joined the practice just for the heck of it… right in the centre of a single song, the lights went out! after a couple of minutes of panicking, we found out from a neighbor that it absolutely was a citywide blackout, and also the lights won’t be back until after about 2 hrs
We were devastated! we desired to practice for an upcoming gig this weekend, so we decided to stay and watch for the lights to return on so we could practice some more… and so we stayed…
Yet when we got there, we realized we didnt have bathing suits!!!LOL… so I said: well it’s dark anyhow, why do not we just take off our clothes and dive right in?! someone chirped: great idea!
All the men got busy taking off their tops and short pants, and jumped into the water in their briefs…it was pitch dark and we couldn’t see a thing no matter how much we strain our eyes!!!lol but my sister and i and the pianist (we were the only girls there) were rather uncertain..we didnt want our underwears to get wet, or else our parents might find out we didnt “exactly” practice but went swimming in the river instead…we’d be grounded for sure! so we said among ourselves: they won’t see a thing anyway, so let us just take evrything off and jump into !!!!
So we shed all our knickers bra and panties and everything in and dived right into the cold water!!! whew!! what a relief!! the water felt cold on our warm and mosquito-bitten bodies and the men didnt even understand that we took off even our underwears!!! hahaha
While swiming though, some of the men would come near us and splash water on our faces, some would attempt to shove us playfully but we needed to stay away from them as far as possible..or else they might find out our secret!lol
After a few minutes cooling off in the water, everyone had had enough, so we all decided to get out of the water and just await the light to come back on inside our friend’s house…
The 2 girls and I decided we should get out of the water together with the guys so that they’d all be too busy getting into their own clothing that they will not see us putting our panties back on
So we got out of the water along with the guys…
while we were still trying get into our underwear hastily…would u consider???? the fucking lights suddenly went back ON!!!! and it was so bright you wouldnt even think it was nighttime!!! it took us a split second to understand the lights came back on, when we did, we had to pick up our clothes and scamper behind a vast tree for cover!!!
The men were momentarily blinded by the flooding of light so we figure (hopefully) they didnt see anything..except for the flash of some nude ass and the panties left lying on the earth!!!lol… and yes, those were mine (both the panties along with the buttocks)
They all just laughed and attempted to make light of things while my sister raced dressing up so she can pick my panties up from the earth and give it back to me…

My first nude experience was when I was younger and very much by accident. I went to a beach with a lengthy coastline on the more isolated end.

I did not see anyone about and I understood that nudism was born so I totally disrobed and put fully exposed in the sunlight. I saw a topless girl approaching and quickly covered up – being naked outside was completely natural, being nude in front of others was not. When she was out of site, I once again uncovered and decided I wanted to go for a swim. I’ve been an enthusiastic swimmer, a life gaurd in fact, so I chose to swim farther down the shore and come back. Swimming nude was liberating! I did that and went past a lot of the crowded portions of the seashore. After a little while the current was too powerful to turn back and I realized I had just one alternative, to walk back on the beach.
I have to say that was among the very uncomfortable moments of my own life. As I came to prop up, I noticed that everyone was naked and seemed so natural. I still covered up, but was getting slightly more comfortable with myself. Although I was quite athletic and healthy, I ‘d always been sensitive regarding the size of my penis and all my pubic hair but when I saw folks of all shapes, sizes and ages I realized that I was good however I was. I let go, literally, and was free. It was quite a walk back. Being nude where everyone was naked was natural but I soon I had a new challenge. Although nudity was taken everyone on the seashore, the most popular section was where almost everyone wore bathing suits- toplessness was common but I saw just one fully nude person.
Besides this, it was very packed. I had no choice but to keep on going and I continued walking nude. People looked at me – I was probably the only nude person they had seen for a while – but I kept on going. It’s ackward being nude in front of others when they are not but I learned to cope with it. When I finally reached my clothes, I was a nudist for life.
When I went back to my flat with my buddies, male and female, I told them about my experience. I told them overly how great it felt and asked if they minded if I went bare in our flat, they didn’t. Since then I spend as much of my time bare as possible and don’t care whose looking.

Ever since I was a child I was interested in the naked body.

I think my mother was or is into nudism, because she did not wear knickers, instead she wore pantyhose. I think my parents may have tried swinging, because one morning we kids discovered a pin-the-boobs-on-the-smasher poster still hanging on the den wall from one of their parties they had the night before. Me and my brother would also look through my dad’s playboy magazines while our parents were out shopping.
All these things made me curious but mainstream society portrayed nudist as quacks, as well as the body as smelly and filthy.
But I found out later in life that the body smell is because of bacteria that develops in wet dark areas, like parts of the body that sweats a lot, and are covered by clothing.
A another thing that pulled me nearer to nudism was the bare journey magazines I’d see in book stores.
Well, I began nudism with skinny dipping, and bare hike at golf courses through the night. Then I started roller blading and biking naked on bike trails early in the morning while it was dark out.
Then I graduated to hiking nude during the day in woods and parks.
I now wear clothes when I have to to function in a clothed .
I don’t have any shame in nudism since I believe we were created by a God
and not the result of evolution,and that he made every living thing, and then he created man and his wife. He ordered them to be fruitful and multiply and fill the world, and have dominion over all the world. And the man and the woman were naked and had no shame.
The second reason I have no shame is because all of God’s creature are bare. I don’t see them crafting themselves clothed, or attempting to conceal their bodies out of shame.
What I would like to investigate next is social nudism. The single thing that is holding me up with this particular adventure is a lot of the nudism resort around here charge $80 to spend one day at their resorts.
The second problem is plenty of resort do not allow single men.

I recall as an early teen going to the creek close to where I was.

living and wading in the creek with just shorts and shoes on. This happened often during the summer before the creek would dry up. Some years it did run year round. But I was by myself and there was a nice deep pool and so I stripped down and had my first skinny dipping experience.

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After that on occassion I would strip and revel in wading and swimming in the creek. Did not do much in . I still loved being naked and slept nude some of the time, but not much outdoor nudism.
I do recall when I was about 20 going with a friend on a road trip. We ended up going skinny dipping and then hanging out round the fire bare. Was a really interesting experience.
Not much happened after that and with getting married and working on the livelihood, did not think much about nudity or find ways to appreciate a nudist lifestyle. But I did go camping with my wife once I was about 35 and we found a little time to be naked together outside, mostly for some sexual play and I found I loved staying nude after we had played around. I had a few showers in this excursion merely standing outside in the sun and pouring the warm water over me and then letting the sun dry me away. It was fantastic.
My transfomation to societal nudity was going to hot springs when I had a chance. At first I always wore a swim suit and also would remove it when I was alone. The time in the hot springs nude was much fine than needing to put on a swimsuit. Once a woman came to the spring and I ‘d put my swim suit back on when I saw her coming along the trail. But she came up and we talked for just a little bit. She went behind a stone to change into her swimsuit, but did not attempt to actually hide well. I could easily tell what she was doing. But she came back and we talked for awhile and she brought up the very fact that it was fine if I needed to be clothing optional in the spring. I think she had seen me sitting there nude before I had found her.
But she never did take off her suit in the springtime. But I was very comfortable being nude even with her not that manner. When she got out to leave, she did not bother to go behing the stone to shift, but just put on her clothing next to the springtime. So it was quite a non-sexually charged encounter and my beginning to enjoying social nudism. Had many more times of appreciate in a hot spring in mixed company and much favor that over wearing swimsuits.
Now if I could just get the wife to be a bit more at ease with this, we could actually have some amazing outings when we travel. She’s slowly joining me at times, but for the most part doesn’t want to be nude around other people. But she’s gotton to the point of being nude considerably more than she used to around the home and even if we are alone at a beach or boating. She may not completely join me being nude, but does go topless at times and does not believe I am odd for loving being naked like at first. She believed that only perverts would enjoy being naked, but now she is able to understand why it isn’t a sexual or a perverted thing. I am looking forward to some warm weather again and a chance to be outdoors in the nude.

First Nude Beach

My first-time bare encounter was when I’d turned 23 and only moved to Monterey, CA for a fresh job. I was investigating the place prior to beginning my job in a few weeks, as well as the preceding Saturday had detected a nude beach along the Big Sur Coast and chose to go there the next week.

I arrived quite early in the morning, made the half mile trek to the bare section and found a good spot about 20 yards down the shore from an elderly couple and also a young gentleman who were already down there. I was REALLY nervous and decided I Had take it step by step.

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In the interim,, more people started to populate the beach and soon there was a gentleman about my age only fifteen feet away from me laying out naked reading a book.

Time passed and one hour at the beach and I still couldn’t get up the nerve. Eventually the guy near me looks over at me, nods “hello” then asks me if I’d enjoy a cold beer. I accepted, and to my surprise he got up and lugged his towel and all his possessions right next to me, reached in his cooler, grabbed a couple beers afterward introduced himself and handed me a beer. Among the first things he said was “This is your first time at a nude beach, isn’t it?” I said yes and he immediately said there was no need to worry- no one was going to stare at me or do anything if I took off my top and boxers.

So, VERY furtively away came my boxers but my shirt stayed on. He laughed and said “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” I laughed and we continued to discuss. Well, “it” happened almost instantaneously and I quickly rolled over on my stomach, simply to hear a little laugh and “Do Not worry- happened to me my first time too” from my new-found friend.

Within a couple hours I was totally comfortable and was tossing around a frisbee, walking up and down the shore, and even got invited into a game of Scrabble by a nearby couple. I would be there every weekend!

-Mark P
Grand Haven, Michigan

She was raised severe Southern Baptist, so occasionally being nude at home was O.K., but she’d have never considered societal nudity.

Singles clubs were uncomfortable, so I started taking short weekend excursions to get out of the house.

Any of these excursions found me near Panama City, Florida, about four hours from home. I’d seen the Baybares website, so out of interest I called and inquired if a single man would be admitted. When the fine seeming lady on the phone welcomed me, I asked directions. The nerves grew as I found and continued along the sandy drive to the club. I nearly turned around three times, however there was no place to turn without getting stuck in the sand. Then I came to the cable across the road that indicated the clubhouse entry where I was met by a cordial man wearing a towel around his midsection. He let me in, showed me where to park and requested me to sign in at the clubhouse.

The nervousness escalated exponentially as I parked and started the walk to the clubhouse. There, by the pool was a amazing woman sunning totally nude. She flashed me a beautiful smile, presented herself as Gloria and began to chat with me. I could not believe how relaxed she was, even though she was entirely nude. Then I carried on to sign in, pay my reasons fees, and be given a simple synopsis of the rules and etiquette of the club.

I returned to my car to undress. After taking a tremendous breath, I took off the last of my clothing. They treated me like a long lost cousin who’d returned home.

It was a amazing weekend, plus it provided exactly the familiarity with friendly folks which I needed so desperately at that time of my entire life. Gloria will never know what a great gift her smile and friendly conversation was to a solitary stranger. It gave me the courage to go back to my car, undress, and begin the next phase of my life as a nudist among some of the friendliest, most welcoming people on earth.

I remarried a year after and my new wife came to understand how important societal nudity was to me. After a year of marriage she graciously decided to participate too. She loves our trips to Cypress Cove when we can get away a couple of times annually.

My only sorrow is that I waited so long to detect the wonderful experience of social nudism and how friendly people are at nudist clubs.

-Joe B.
Lower, Alabama
Nude at the seashore

It was early and when I arrived, several people were already enjoying their nakedness. I looked around and slipped off my top & shorts and in an instant, standing naked and appreciating it. Nobody stared or gawked and for the next three hours I enjoyed the freedom of no clothes. Maybe next time, I’ll have a guest join me

-Tony M
New York
The only thing that irritated me

Having lived in Fla many years, I was use to tiny swim wear and intense sun. So that the transition to no clothing and intense sun was easy. That’s until I reached for my pocket-knife in my pocket. I used to not have one! Pocket that is. Now without both my pockets and knife I was in a quandary. Luckily, I had a little satchel in my vehicle in which I could carry my wallet, knife, and reading material.

Once I had overcome my lack of pockets, the friendliness, ease, independence, and openness in the resort made the weekend very enjoyable. We’ve been back several times and I am looking forward to our next trip there next week.

-Bob B
Clearwater, Florida
Real Freedom

Our first experience being socially naked was in 1998. We had as often as possible been bare privately at home for a long time since the day we were wed but we’d no notion what social nudism was around until we found it online. Being born again believers in God, we still felt that nudism was a right, great, and healthful lifestyle.

We checked in at the office, and were presented to a nude host couple who’d give us a tour of the grounds. We undressed and toured view . Folks were swimming, playing tennis, grilling and simply relaxing as at any given resort in a park-like setting. There was an indoor and an outdoor pool, a hot tub, a hiking trail, snack bar, gift shop, etc.

It was our first time swimming nude, and we’ve never worn a swimsuit since that day. As the male half of the couple I can declare that there was no embarrassment with an erection that I ‘d prior concerns about. You’ll always have a towel as a backup just in case. We have never seen that become an issue for anyone. The toughest part of that first day nude was having to get dressed for the trip back home.

We now visit White Tail Resort in Ivor, VA often, as it is our favorite nudist resort. The people are very friendly there. White Tail is a family oriented resort attended by folks of all ages. To be bare all weekend, and to wake up and walk outside bare in the morning and feel the sun and the air all over your naked body is pure bliss. We now vacation at nudist resorts nearly entirely.

Our other favored nudist resorts include Cedar Creek, Serendipity Park, Cypress Cove, and Lake Como. All of these resorts are family oriented resorts and are recorded on the AANR website. We know that we’re safer at a nudist resort than at a hotel. The relaxation at a nudist resort is beyond any other we’ve ever experienced. The practice of social nudism really has been a lifesaver because of the strain alleviation we enjoy while nude.

One day bare around others enjoying life in this wholesome surroundings is nudist family photos to a week in a luxurious clothed resort. For those who never have experienced social nudism then do not deny yourself this experience. Nudism is a genuine escape from the uptight and pretentious textile society we live in. When we see individuals of all ages playing sports, having a meal together or just resting nude among friends, our only regret is the fact that we did not begin this awesome lifestyle sooner.

-Captain & Sweets

I am unsure the best way to decide one experience as my first,

because I’ve had nudist experience over my life which didn’t really appear like nudist experiences.
At about 8, my dad, uncle and myself spent a weekend at a “fishing hole’ – no cabin, but a mobile home out in the woods. It was fantastic, it was exhilarating and it made my dad and uncle look so ‘wild and awesome’. That occurred a couple of times over a few years.
My dad passed away when I was 12. My uncle/aunt were not nudists, nor even clothing optional – only relaxed. They had a pool and skinny dipping was the norm (two cousins, boy and girl younger than me). Many times we would roam in the house still naked, which after , looked just exhilarating.
My mom and I moved to a home in a busy suburb two years after, but it had a privacy fence and fine small in-ground pool. Naturally, I skinny-dipped always, and once fall and winter arrived, would go nude a few hours each day inside. The subsequent summer when we opened the pool, I was always allowed to have friends over, and two of my closest friends (male) began skinny dipping. There was always an additional sense of independence when going bare with others.
I eventually started to boldly swim in the early morning, to start the day the best possible method, understanding my mother was still in the house. It wasn’t so much that I was being more bold, more that I was simply more comfortable, and wanted not to be ‘slipping’ around in the nude. At first, I was naturally nervous, but she never made a major issue of it, asking me that first time had I outgrown my swimming trunks as I ‘d come in wrapped only in a towel. It was a nonevent, because once I left the pool and sat across from her, we began talking about my father, and her telling me how he loved going nude.

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It might have been the first, really actual dialogue about my father we had since he died.
The next morning, I stopped at the kitchen and asked if she needed to join me for a swim. She said she’d be out later and she did. After what was bluntly a lot of nervous energy diving and swimming in the pool, everything was only tranquil and completely open. We spent about four hours talking about my dad, our family, buddies, then movies, music and things I ‘d never presume to only ‘chat’ about with my mom. It was sort of an overcast day, along with put a stop to the time that had flew by to our amazement. I said I despised we had to go in, and she merely picked up my towel with her stuff and went inside. We spent the rest of the day interior in a new routine of liberation.
So, there are three moments in time for me, and I do not even consider them my first encounter. That would be at college, my fourth weekend in school, but that is another story and I’ve all ready defined the notion of ‘long-winded’.

Focus all nudists! When you go hiking, consistently bring a compassand a towel!

It was late spring in 2001 and I decided to investigate the hills above the new Elysium property in Malibu, California. Elysium had relocated just a few months earlier from its 30-year home in Topanga after the daughters of its own late founder, Ed Lange, determined to sell. Betty and Sandy Meltzer, longtime Elysium Board members, had bought 27 acres of mostly undeveloped land about 20 miles to the west and relocated the nudist resort there.
The Malibu property was next to what hikers know as The Backbone Trail, a 100-mile footpath that snakes through the Santa Monica Mountains and rings the Los Angeles basin. The most popular trail supplies hikers and nature lovers a spectacular strategy to enjoy the area’s flora and fauna in its natural state. This kind of day was overcast, yet warm, a perfect day to go hiking, or so I believed. I’d hiked the Malibu property and parts of the Backbone Trail many times before and never ran into anybody. Generally I would wear tennis shoes plus a baseball cap and carry a bottle of water and a towel (just in case I ran into someone). These days, yet, I needed to be daring. I needed to trek without wearing or carrying anything, to be absolutely bare! Nothing but the trail and me.
As I progressed on my hike, I started to notice the fog rolling in from the shore. It wasn’t long before I made a decision to turn around and head back. Perhaps half an hour or so later, the fog had rolled in so that the visibility I ‘d was no more than ten feet. After another hour or so, I realized I had been walking around in circles. I did not know which way was West (the ocean) and I could not find the Elysium Property. Additionally , I started to stress since the temperature frequently falls drastically in the evenings in the hills of Malibu.
What if I cant find my way back during daytime? I continued on the trail, now going in a way I just knew was erroneous. After another hour or so, beach fucking heard what sounded like farm equipment, a tractor perhaps. Then a house seemed out of the fog. I considered to myself, I got two picks. If I go down the hill to the house, the folks there may telephone law enforcement. I made the decision to go down the hill toward the home.
As I continued down the hill, I saw a man plus a lady. I ceased and I shouted you-who! As the man and woman looked up and saw me I said, Im lost and I need a towel. I went on to say I am not insane. My buddies let me hike nude on their property.
Then I smiled. The girl said that she’d get me a towel and walked to the house. The man just looked up at me and did not say a thing.
When the woman came back with a towel plus a tshirt, I continued my walk down the hill and toward their property. I thanked the woman as I wrapped the towel around my waist and put on the t-shirt. I then asked which way was the road. The girl pointed and said, Its that manner.
I have often wondered what went through the mind of that woman. I assume she could have just as easily called the authorities as help me. On the flip side, living up in a distant portion of the Santa Monica Mountains, Ill wager she’s seen a lot of unexpected things and met lots of interesting folks who have wandered off the Backbone Trail. On the other hand, perhaps she didn’t think it was uncommon at all. Ill never understand.
So if you ever find yourself naked and lost in the mountains, just remain calm, and remember, occasionally a huge grin will cover a lot!